Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last RMR as a local

Yesterday was a another memorable day with the last RMR (weekly crit) as a local. It was so awesome to be racing with Clint, ET and Scott again. It was so cool to see us upfront chasing that break down all working together. We never did catch them but in the end it didn't matter. We were having fun. After 7 minutes I was in the pain cave. My legs felt so flat and it would have been easy to pull the plug. I said to Clint and gave him the look of "this is killing me, not sure if i can last" With a "lets go" from Clint I looked down on the top tube of my bike which has the acronym of HTFU. After that, a switch turned on for my legs to kick in and we rode aggressively, attempting to get into breaks, bridging gaps and holding our position for the field sprint.

Good thing I didn't pull the plug. With the help of Scott and Clint we held our position and Scott turning on the heat to get me into position, placing 3rd in the field sprint with Clint in tow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another day closer...

... to the big move. To be honest I hate moving. When I bought my condo in PC I said I would never move again.... lol now look at me. For some reason this move is making excited to start something new. This morning I just finished up some massive buckwheat pancakes and some strong coffee so I'm ready to tackle the day.
I'm enjoying the time for riding right now. I guess that was the main reason I started packing so early.
Last Sunday Eric, Shane and Todd did a ride.... yes... it rained the entire time.
I'm done with the rain. So after being cold and wet I had to splurge and get a great lunch with a couple glasses of wine. I know... I'm a lightweight.

Today, the sky is blue, temps are high... racing RMR tonight. Ok enough typing... gotta ride
... No picture of the burger... sorry coach

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My first post

Well this is my first post...
I never really considered myself as a "blogger". Who the hell cares what Patrick Fasse is up to?
Does it really matter? Moreover, its my way of keeping a journal of the next chapter in my life.

I have gone through a healthy transformation comes with age or maybe an effect of the friends and family that i have surrounding me. I've learned a lot over the years about me, about life, about the special woman that I love with all my heart.

For those of you that read this I hope you enjoy